Elisabeth and Jacques Van Thilbeurgh in Valbonne at a sale for the benefit of this emergency collection 

The Foyer de Charité has reported to us a great misfortune that has occurred very close to home. Indeed, in their neighborhood twenty families lost homes and belongings in a fire caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder, killing one and several wounded of the same family ... We met very quickly in a small committee to reflect on emergency solutions to meet Father Philor and Marie Line Monthieux, the officials of the Foyer of Charity Sainte Marie of Port au Prince who are asking for emergency assistance for the families affected. Without our help, the children of these families could not go back to school in a few days. Reconstruction aid is not part of our primary mission within the association ... But we have appealed to our members by voices of Mails and the private donations of Parishioners of Valbonne and those of Sophia who responded with many generosities, we thank them warmly !! We are happy to be able to respond favorably to Father Philor and Marie-Line Monthieux, not for completeness of course but for a good part. We thank in advance all those who have invested in this great cause with a lot of heart !! Thanks again...

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Time to school for sister Marie Jeanne's school

Carnaval's photo from Sister Marie Jeanne's school Vieux bourg d'Haquin

This Sunday, February 12, 2017 at Saint Blaise Church in Valbonne. One of our sales for the children of Haitia. Regularly we offer sales to Sophia Church Notre Dame of the wisdom district Garbejaire and to Valbonne Eglise Médiéval Saint Blaise. Sundays after the Masses.

As Provided Sister Marie Jeanne of the School of Old Bourg of Aquinas sent us Photos of the works that are underway in his school after the Cyclone Matthew, who ravaged the area and left many people homeless. We had quickly sent him funds for the first necessities. We are pleased to know that things are progressing. 

Photos taken during the trip to Haiti in March 2016