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Our friends of the Elisabeth and Jacques Van Tilbeurgh from the association AEH tell us a beautiful story !! 

Nos amis Elisabeth et Jacques ont "encore" oeuvrés pour nos chers Haitiens...C'est juste en parlant d'Haïti à un ami du corps médical à la retraite que l'histoire commence, aussitôt ce Monsieur propose de donner du matériel médical dont 2 familles souhaiteraient de séparer : lit médical électrique, fauteuils électriques, fauteuils pliants et fauteuils sanitaires, des béquilles ainsi que des pansements et biens d'autres petites choses pouvant servir à l'hôpital.

Elisabeth et Jacques pensent tout de suite aux frères Haitiens pour l'acheminement... mais une autre opportunité se présente...lors d'une brocante, une personne de la Croix Rouge leur propose 28 matelas (8m3) dont un propriétaire de Yacht voudrait se débarrasser... et fortuitement ils tombent sur une publicité en faveur des enfants d'Haïti dans une revue, l'Association "nos petits frères et soeurs" qui a en charge l'hôpital pédiatrique "St Damien" à Port au Prince!!

Sur le champ Elisabeth et Jacques téléphonent à l'association pour savoir s'ils ont besoin de tout ce matériel... et la réponse est sans appel, ils prennent tout...

Et se pose le problème de l'acheminement à Paris déjà et à Haïti ensuite!!

(rien n'arrête nos amis!!) Après de multiples appels dans toutes les directions... un transporteur (connaissance d'amis d'E et J) sensibilisé par le beau projet exposé... et en 48h il accepte d'acheminer gracieusement tout ce matériel médical au dépôt d'Orly de l'association "nos petits frères et soeurs"!!

The equipment will be loaded into the container of the association and will leave Le Havre at the end of December and arrive in Haiti at the end of January ...

Some boxes will also go to the clinic of the home held by Maria that we met in the spring of 2017.

Elisabeth and jacques will follow us and we will know about the good transport of material to port, to the pediatric hospital St Damien ...

(Before this departure Elisabeth and Jacques thought to replace the defective parts and to change the transformers of current, haiti have of 110V.)

An interesting article on the reasons for the coffee shortage in Haiti - https://www.radiotelevisioncaraibes.com/news/haiti/ha_ti_conduite_importer_du_caf_vert.html 

Belle journée dans le parc du Foyer de Charité de Roquefort les Pins ... et présence de visiteuses venues directement d'Haïti: Nelta et Marie-Vermane du foyer de Charité de Port-au-Prince.

Ce dimanche 25 Juin 2017 s'est tenue la fête de fin d'année de la paroisse Notre Dame de La Sagesse de Sophia Antipolis (dans l'association de l'association AEH compte de nombreux parrains et les marrines) à l'occasion du curé Jean- Hubert Thieffry.

La manifestation s'est déroulée dans le parc du Foyer de Charité de Roquefort les Pins. Une grande messe en plein air a été celébrée, suivi d'un concert de jazz et d'un grand pique-nique.

L'association AEH est un stand de produits Haïtien (chocolat, café, artisanat), confits, punch et des bugs superbement décorés par les enfants de la paroisse de Sophia Antipolis, au côté d'une association au profit des réfugiés d'Irak .

Dans l'après-midi, une conférence organisée en présence de 2 membres du foyer de Charité de Port-au-Prince, (où Elisabeth et Francis ont été logés lors de leur dernier séjour en Haïti au printemps dernier), en effet, Nelta et Marie-Vermane nous faisait l'honneur de leur présence et expérience. De nombreux participants sont venus partager ce moment privilégié et regarder le diaporama de la mission et poser des questions ... quelques adhésions ont été prises.

Journal log-book of the  Missionnaires Elisabeth Van- Tilbeurg and Francis Bidault  March 2017 Haïti

Elisabeth and Francis our kind Missionnaries
Elisabeth and Francis our kind Missionnaries

1 . 30 March    1st dayFrançis and Elisabeth, the missionaries, arrived safely in Haïti nicely welcomed at the airport by Papito. They are staying at the foyer de charité in Pietonville district of Port au Prince. They met Sœur Marie Line Monthieux, head of the foyer, who settled in Haïti 14 years ago and is from Martinique. This foyer has around 15 members including a notable bishop.

School closed to the Foyer de charity   St Marie de Guadalupe
School closed to the Foyer de charity St Marie de Guadalupe
The Orphanage Sainte Marie
The Orphanage Sainte Marie

Sunday April 2nd 2017 ...3 rd day

Elisabeth and the Godchildren
Elisabeth and the Godchildren
Godchildren and Missionnaries
Godchildren and Missionnaries

A day to meet our godchildren !

Sunday everything is closed. Port-au-Prince, the capital city is empty.

We offered to our godchildren Rosemène and Loulouse together with Papito our guide and Marie-Guerdy to join us for a visit of some schools. Woodler, Loulouse boyfriend came along too.

Their choice of outing was to go to the beach. We first went to church at 6.30am at the Port-au-Prince cathedral and then to went to the North coast of Port-au-Prince. There we visited a museum of slavery, not easy to face such painful history.

Then we had a swim. The girls could not swim, boys could. We help the girls learn to float. Then we had a very pleasant meal together.

To sumarise it was a very nice day except for our soft and fair skin burnt by the sun !

1 .   April 3rd : 4 th day Visit of Saint François school in Rivière Froide

The school is located at the top a steep hill. Only 4x4 can drive up there. The surroundings of the school look like a very large slumpish area where vehicles of all kinds drive through damaged earth road. We have never seen such a place overcrowded, very polluted, extremely noisy and untidy. People there seem unaware of the mess they live in and wander around busily and with an unbelievable courage.

We had time to visit this wonderful school damaged during the 2010 earthquake and rebuilt with help of 2 german NGO (pic 1).

The 3 godchildren we have there were present and some from TDM. Photos and videos were taken.

Then we had a talk with Sister Lops about how we think our relationship should work. We read and commented the written agreement prepared. She agreed with the terms and signed it, keeping a copy. We also talked about "LetsShare" the communication tool we intend to use and she also agreed to use it.

Another matter we talked about is meals for the children. In Saint François children have lunch only 3 times a week provided by a United Nation Food program. Not enough of course Sister Lops suggested that we help parents of our godchildren directly by increasing the monthly allowance through a few more euros (around 8 to 9 euros) as it is not fair to feed only children receiving help.

She also asked if more children could benefit from our help. We emphasized

the need of a better communication in order to convinced godfather/mother.

April 4th   5 th day   Meeting with Provincial des Montfortains d'Haïti

We were told that the Provincial des Montfortains d'Haïti is a religious community of fathers helping very poor people. Something like 15 parishes belong to that order with schools and dispensaries. Their needs are even greater than the schools we are in touch with. Introduced by the boss of the Foyer where we are staying, these facts were confirmed by Papito and Loulouse.

Therefore we were invited to visit one of their schools located in Cité Soleil, the large slump by the sea side of Port-au-Prince.

Meeting with Université Lumière

We met 4 people of the board of direction. We discussed the following subjects :                            1 . We presented AEH and how we view our relationship, particularly the need to be informed of the progress of each child. We gave them the agreement to be signed.

        2 . A planning should be set so that we know when to send money                           Procedure regarding the transfers : we send them a copy of transfer and expect to be informed of good reception                                     3 .  At the end of each year we need a sumary of all transfer received

  • 4 . The students are not permitted to deal on behalf of AEH. The university futur renovation program is good news
  • 5 . Amount due regarding the 3 godchildren (Loulouse, Rosemène and Papito) for the 3rd school term 2016-2017 + extra cost for Rosemène.
  • 6 . Progress of the 3 above students : their results are good in spite of some health problems. Papito is under TDM sponsorship but we enjoyed his company during our stay, he is a precious help.

The Charity foyer were they are staying
The Charity foyer were they are staying

2. 31 Mars 2 jours sd:  31/03 : meeting with Jean-Paul Mortelette and Wébert Nathanael Charles (present and futur regional project coordinators). The organisation they work for depends of the OIF (Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie). Their action is to give financial and technical help on an international level.


This organisation (AUF) provides scholarships to students and also helps french speaking university projects advertised through their internet site.

We exchanged ideas with them, proposing cooperation between the EM of Lyon (french university) and the university of INUKA (we visited this university in 2014). INUKA provides quality trainings in economics, management, computering and civil engeniering. Both are willing to prepare joined actions in the near futur by means of tutoring missions in Haïti. Offers will be advertised in May, both EM Lyon and INUKA are invited to propose a project.

Visit of Sainte Marie de Guadalupe school. Next to that school is the Foyer de Charité. We met the head of the the Foyer de Charité, Delta, who explained the management of the school (900 pupils, among them are 25 orphans).

Pélerin 2
Pélerin 2
Elisabeth Lops sister , another sister and Papito our guide
Elisabeth Lops sister , another sister and Papito our guide

2 .     April 3rd ... 4th day    Visit of Mark Gallagher school

Sergent Mark Gallagher school is a rather new school (2/3 years old) set near Saint François also directed by Petites Sœurs de Sainte Thérèse. Its a professional school and a real opportunity for student after their secondary school time (pics 2 and 3).

There we met sister Kaline head of that school. This new school is in need of funds to comply with equipment and structure requirements. They hope for help from Agence Micro-Projet, but AEH could also do something.

We also met Ogenald Millien godchild of Léon Tigli. We had no news of him, now we know he is following a builder course ending this June.

Another proof of wrong communication is : 3 students in that school are sponsored by AEH and TDM. Sister Kaline was not aware of that. Papito helped us understand how that can be.

Visit of Adrien Massa school in Pelerin II

Set in another part of Port au Prince. There we met Sister Marie-Moclar and Sister Joselene.

Very different atmosphere ! warm welcome with well dressed children singing a song for us. All our godchildren were there. We did photos and videos.

We discussed about the agreement to be signed between AEH and the school as well as about LetsShare communication program. Again their enthusiasm was pleasurable.

Another good day ! 

April the 5 th : 6 th day

Vialet school's head is Sister Gladys Forestal

Very early (5 :30am) we left for the peninsula south of Haïti. The roads leading there are surrounded by green forests and meadows very different from the region of Port-au-Prince disfigured by deforestation.  We visited 2 schools under the direction of the Petites Soeurs de Sainte Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus (PSST) : Vialet school new to us and Aquin school where we have a few godchildren. Videos will be included in the AEH internet site.

Violet School
Violet School
Violet School
Violet School

Sister Marie-Jeanne mentioned that school because of their need for reconstruction. They received funds after the typhon from Hope for Haiti a US NGOThis school is located in Petit-Goâve known because the haitien writer Dany Laferrière was born there and is a member of the Académie Française. 550 children got to that school (kindergarten to secondary level) See pics 1 & 2.                                                            This school was badly hit by both the 2010 earthquake and the 2016 typhon. Repairs are urgently needed and also extensions for new classes in order to offer a full education.                                           Sister Gladys was very nice with us. Her hope is to have help for urgent repair and extension. We explained how AEH functions and our requirement for precisions regarding their projects. It seems none of the children going there have godfather/mother

Aquin school's head is sister Marie Jeanne Petit JeanStill on the april the 5th

Vieux Bourg School
Vieux Bourg School
Meal shared with the sisters
Meal shared with the sisters

Its a very large school located in the town of Aquin with something like 840 pupils (see pics 1 & 2)

Another school badly damaged by the 2016 typhon. Sister Marie Jeanne Petit Jean was very grateful of our help sent last year for the reconstruction. Looking at the premises we noticed there is still a lot to be done in spite of our help and help from Hope for Haiti.

A quick decision about what to do with the money AEH has aside for reconstruction is needed.                   Sister Marie Jeanne Petit Jean warmly welcomed the LetsShare system. It was really pleasurable to talk to her.

Carte Haiti Google Map suivre le lien

Jovenel Moïse remporte l'élection présidentielle au premier tour

Jovenel Moïse, le candidat choisi par l'ex-chef de l'État Michel Martelly pour représenter son parti PHTK, a remporté l'élection présidentielle haïtienne au premier tour avec 55,67% des voix, a annoncé lundi soir un responsable électoral

(Agence France-Presse Publié le 28 novembre 2016 à 23:26 - Mis à jour le 28 novembre 2016 à 23:59 AFP)

Les élections en Haïti 20 Novembre 2016

Mr Jocelerme PRIVERT, le Président provisoire
Mr Jocelerme PRIVERT, le Président provisoire

Le président provisoire s'est adressé à la nation hier soir 20 novembre, à la fermeture des centres de vote.Observateurs, ambassades, journalistes, citoyens... les élections du 20 novembre rallient une surprenante unanimité. Si des déluges de félicitations s'abattent sur son organisation « exemplaire », le CEP reconnaît qu'il ne s'agit que d'une première étape. Intervenant à la fin de la journée, le président de la République, Jocelerme Privert s'est directement adressé aux candidats : « Autant que nous exhortons la population afin qu'elle garde son calme, la paix et la sérénité dans le pays, autant nous exhortons les candidats à cette élection de respecter les règles du jeu 

 (Credit photo: hougansydney.com)

Léopol BERANGER Président du Conseil électoral provisoire
Léopol BERANGER Président du Conseil électoral provisoire

Pour le président du Conseil Électoral Provisoire, Léopold Berlanger, l'organisation et le déroulement du scrutin du 20 novembre sont un défi fièrement relevé, une première étape franchie, « une victoire démocratique ».

John KIRBY Secrétaire adjoint et porte parole du Département des affaires publiques
John KIRBY Secrétaire adjoint et porte parole du Département des affaires publiques

Pour les États-Unis, les élections de ce dimanche 20 novembre marquent « une étape importante vers le retour d'Haïti à la pleine constitutionnalité et à la résolution des graves problèmes auxquels le pays est confronté. Les propos du Secrétaire adjoint et porte-parole du Département des affaires publiques, John Kirby, sont plutôt optimistes « Nous félicitons les Haïtiens d'avoir exercé leur droit de vote de manière pacifique et dans certaines régions, dans des circonstances difficiles. Les États-Unis se félicitent de la détermination continue du Conseil électoral provisoire, de la Police nationale haïtienne et du Gouvernement haïtien en faveur de la réalisation d'élections libres, justes, crédibles et pacifiques. »Haïti a enfin organisé les élections, longtemps retardées, ce dimanche 20 novembre sous l'œil vigilant et intéressé de la communauté internationale qui a rechigné à apporter son support financier.

(Credit photo: hougansydney.com)