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The news from Haiti is not good ... the country is in horror !!  October the 21th 2021

This a lettre that whrote our Président Francis Bidault 

Dear friends, dear friends,

You probably already know that our Haitian friends were once again faced with a cruel ordeal : a third earthquake in a few years, after many decades of relative calm. The damage is concentrated this time on the southwestern part of the country (see the attached map). Unfortunately, one of the schools in which we have godchildren has been severely affected. We cannot stand idly by. Here's a point and an announcement for you.
1 - The point
The school in Vieux Bourg d'Aquin, located about thirty kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, was badly damaged (the school is indicated by the arrow). This school covers education from kindergarten to secondary school. It has nearly 1000 students. We visited it in 2017, Elisabeth, Papito and myself.
Several buildings were partially destroyed or severely damaged. The sisters' accommodation would be totally destroyed.
2 - Field intervention
We will be able to help this school directly (bank transfers without intermediary) since we are already in contact with them for quarterly sponsorship payments. We also have several channels of communication with the school principal Sister Angèle Duplessy, via WhatsApp and E-mail. Our friends from the Foyer de Charité in Port-au-Prince will visit this school on September 24th. Myriam, a student we are helping, will give us a brief update on the situation.
3 - Actions taken and planned:
We have already allocated a budget for an emergency transfer of 4000 euros to help the Sisters to ensure the daily life of the students, staff and teachers (water, food) and to build temporary accommodation for the sisters whose the house collapsed. The transfer was made this weekend.
This emergency transfer will not be enough. So we will be spending the next few weeks trying to find additional funding. We have set the deadline of September 18 to bring together this second budget. As is traditional with AEH, everything collected will be transferred in full.
You can already contribute by transfer:
- on the association's account (see IBAN below)
- by credit card payment (free of charge via Hello Asso - link below).
The usual tax conditions apply in both cases.
IBANFR76 1910 6006 4843 6539 4436 682
BIC code (Bank identification code) - code SWIFTAGRIFRPP891
Hello Asso
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We also invite you to come and meet us on our stands on September 17 and 18 in Valbonne and Sophia Antipolis, after mass.

Concert of sacred music

To see et listen to the concert  follow  this link

We are pleased to announce the concert of the vocal group Sweet Seven that will be performing in Saint Blaize Church on July 4, 2021 "for the benefit of AEH."
We thank them in advance
Come many 

Please note that the Sacred Music Concert in favor of AEH has changed date, it will be July 3, 2021 and not July 4 as previously announced, same time and same place

We met in General Assembly on 28 May 2021 at the parish of Sophia Antipolis, 12 people were present, the quorum of 1.5 was reached, we were able to deliberate: Francis Bidault, the President of our association presented the moral report and Marie Paul Saffioti the financial report. Reports that have been approved unanimously by members present or represented .
Of course it was mentioned the catastrophic political and health situation in Haiti as well as the situation of our sponsored children, families, religious and schools.
The year 2019 2020 has been very complicated for children. From September to January 2020, classes were suspended. We hardly heard from the godchildren. Courses only resumed in February 2020. 

We lost contact with the school of Cité Soleil: Notre Dame du Perpétuel secours which would have been "sold" to a local association...but, a great chance smiled on us, we made the acquaintance of an active French association in Cité Soleil "Kizito family" founded in 2017 by a nun, Sister Paësie, who lives in the heart of Cité Soleil. This sister agreed to help us reconnect with lost godchildren, 4 were found. We plan to develop cooperation with this association which has a large network of volunteers in France. 

Good news in terms of membership, AEH has 7 new members including 4 young people from the parish of Sophia Antipolis who have agreed to play the role of godparents "referents" with godchildren whose sponsorship is funded by people who do not want to play this role of godfather/godmother (the "referent" is an e-mail or whatsApp correspondent who maintains links with the godson and in particular motivates him to study at school.
The 2020 crisis prompted schools to introduce new godchildren whose families are particularly affected by the crisis, unable to afford tuition, and we were able to find the resources to take these sponsorships.

Francis finally expresses his desire not to renew his term as President next year and asks good will to take over.
At the level of the financial report the accounts are balanced between revenue and expenditure.
We thank Elisabeth and Jacques Van-Tilbeurgh who, thanks to the sales of Haitian products, contribute to the recognition of AEH within the communes of Valbonne and Sophia and is a significant aid to the budget of the Association.
We had the pleasure of having, Papito, at this AG, Young Haitian came to complete his studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Sophia Antipolis (well known to members, Papito being the godson of the President of Terre de Mission in Aix en Provence, the sister association of AEH, and supported in his studies by AEH also). Papito told us about the political and health situation in his country. Despite the catastrophic situation, Papito remains optimistic, he has confidence in the Haitian youth. We wish him all the best for the end of his school year, before returning home!!

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We are pleased to announce that  Marie Lourdy Eliassant, whom  Francis Bidault has sponsored since the age of 8, has just obtained his medical doctor degree at the Lumière University in Port au Prince, after 7 years of higher education. We congratulate the godson and Francis of course who accompanied her during all these years. The association is proud to see that beautiful project was  successul, which we hope will be followed by many others with many sponsored children ... Well done Loulouse !

Happy new year 2021!!

The entire AEH team wishes you a very happy 2021!! We hope to see you in top form at our upcoming AGM, see you soon!!

News from Haiti during COVID-19 

Dear friends, your Haitian godchildren, their parents and their teachers are very grateful for your continued support despite the difficulties our planet is going through. At the start of the pandemic, which had not yet hit Haiti, we received friendly messages from our Haitian friends who assured us of their affection and gratitude. Unfortunately, Haiti was hit a few weeks after Europe and schools were closed as in most countries. They will probably not reopen before the start of the school year. Moreover, this 2019-2020 school year will have been an almost "white" year for education in Haiti due to the violent riots that affected the whole country from September to December, with a short reopening of two to three months. , and the confinement that began at the end of March. Families and children will still suffer from this deleterious situation for several weeks, all the more difficult given the housing conditions in this country (small and poorly equipped). The headmasters of schools informed us that many families had moved to the countryside in the hope of living less badly this health crisis. As a result, the letters of our godchildren whom we traditionally expect at the beginning of July, accompanied by a copy report card and a photo, will probably not reach us for several months. We can expect some news from our godchildren when the schools reopen in September or October.

But we fear that, as at the end of any crisis in Haiti, the schools have lost track of some of them. The pandemic situation in Haiti is worrying without being extremely serious for the moment. To date, 76 deaths have been caused by the Covid-19 virus, as far as official statistics can be trusted. The neighboring Dominican Republic recognizes 615 deaths on the same date. But, we must fear that the progression of the epidemic will continue. We are in constant contact with our school principals and our great student godchildren at the university. However, we are powerless to help them since air transport to Haiti would be suspended until next September. However, we continue to support our schools financially so that they can provide help to their teachers and to the families of the sponsored children. Also we ask you to be patient and to keep the hope that our sponsored children will come back to us after the summer. or fall. Of course, it is not possible to write to them at this stage since the letters pass through the schools to which they cannot go. We will have to wait again to show them our affection and support. ACTION EDUCATION HAITI 

News on the situation in Haiti 

General Assembly on January 24, 2020 in Sophia Antipolis at 8 PM

You have surely heard of the riots that have been disturbing life in Haiti for several months. They are very worrying, insecurity preventing parents from working, getting food, sending children to school. Schools and universities have suspended their activities for many weeks. 

Our association has of course maintained support for schools in order to help families get through this crisis. 

We inform you of the next General Assembly of our association scheduled for January 24, 2020 at 8 p.m. in Valbonne Sophia Antipolis. 

This meeting will be an opportunity to inform you of our past and future actions. 

The renewal of sponsorships will be done under the same conditions as the previous year. We remind the sponsors who have not opted for the monthly automatic transfer to kindly make the payment by bank transfer or check. 

We take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year 2020. 

We hope to see many of you at the General Assembly on January 24, 2020 !! 

Emanent Emergency Appeal from the Port au Prince Charity Home
 at page "photo gallery" 

(You can  found the photos of the last  travel to Haiti (2019) at the Gallery photos in french)

Good participation to the General Assembly of AEH of 2 February... The quorum of presence was largely reached... all the subjects were mentioned by the President of the association Francis Bidault, voted and approved by the Assembly... The trip to Haiti in early January 2019 was widely reported by the various participants in the trip... (see photos in the photo gallery of the site)... The AG ended around 10 p.m., the members present were able to appreciate the buffet of Creole specialities prepared by the members of the board. 

We announce the General Assembly for Friday February 15  2019 

This meeting will be held in Sophia at 20h. 

Come many we need your opinion to advance 

With the little Haitians, the whole AEH team wishes you a happy new year 2019 

A beautiful project of travel is concretized, from January 21, 2019 to January 28, 2019. Indeed, for some it will be their first trip to Haiti ... they will go to visit schools and meet their godchildren, maybe ... Many emotions in perspective !! We are waiting for a beautiful report of our travelers !! We wish them a nice stay at the charity home of Port au Prince !! 

Earthquake in Haiti, a new earthquake this Saturday, October 6, 2018 : At least 12 dead in an earthquake of magnitude 5.9

Four national and private schools were destroyed in Pilate, in the Nord department, according to the first assessments. 

(The latest assessment of the earthquake, Saturday evening October 6, 2018 in Haiti, is 17 dead, more than 400 wounded, 353 homes destroyed and 7,430 heavily or slightly damaged.) 

At least 12 people were killed in northwestern Haiti, rocked by an earthquake measuring 5.9 on Saturday late in the evening, authorities said. The epicenter of the quake, a magnitude of 5.9, was recorded 19 kilometers northwest of the coastal city of Port-de-Paix, announced the USGS geological institute.

Travel to Haiti

               From  January 18th to january 25 th 2019

Come and see, discover Haiti

How : In the charity home 

 Port au Prince,  with tours, conferences and workshops.

When : from May 18th to 25th 2019

How much : 1000 e from Nice to Haiti  (to & fro), half pension, payable in 4 times a year. Personnel expenses not included.

Registration to Francis Bidault 0671912710

Assemblée Générale de l'association Action éducation Haiti .... le vendredi 2 février 2018 à la salle paroissiale n*4 de Sophia Antipolis à 20h... Vous êtes conviés dès "19h30" pour profiter d'un buffet Haïtien avant de rentrer dans le vif du sujet...

Le Conseil d'administration rendra compte des activités de l'association en 2017 :
-rapport moral sur les activités de 2017
- rapport financier
- projets de l'association pour 2018

Nous vous attendons nombreux !!

"Merci de répondre à cette invitation par email : 

Notre action pour les enfants d'Haïti

Notre but est d'aider les enfants tout au long de leur scolarité, du primaire au secondaire et ensuite vers la vie active avec une formation universitaire ou  d'apprentissage.

Nous aidons aussi les écoles pour des projets d'acceuil des enfants à l'école et dans leurs achats de matériels pédagogiques.

The main target is to help haitian children during their schooling time, from primary school to apprenticeship or university in order for them to reach working capacities.

We also help the schools where the children go to improve their equipment